Integrating Prestashop shopping cart with existing PHP -MySQL Authentication

Assumptions Here we are assuming that you are using PHP – MySQL and you have an existing list of clients/users already maintained in a seperate table. You have your own registration, login and logout mechanisms Step 1: Prestashop cookies First let us understand little bit about Prestashop cookies A customer login prestashop cookie is as […]
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Create a List of files within a certain directory

This function will list files and directories within a specified directory E.g. if a directory named web contains some files like index.htm, contactus.htm and some folders like images, documents, products The script will return index.htm contactus.htm images documents products [crayon-594f48f5dda2e449821915/] $sortflag can be any of below SORT_REGULAR – compare items normally (don’t change types) SORT_NUMERIC […]
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