Create a WordPress staging site through shell script

Creating a wordpress staging environment requires 4 things. Here we are assuming that the staging environment is on the same server. Requirements for creating a wordpress staging environement Clone Database – Each Time Copy the code – Only the wp-content folder Edit wp-config to point to the Staging Database (single site only) plus the Staging Domain (multisite) – […]
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How to selectively dequeue a script on individual post

Lot of plugins. Not sure what to do?? All of a sudden you may realise that you already have quite a lot of plugins on your website and probably some of those plugins are slowing your site down. That’s the point of time you may decide to review your plugins but at that point it is very […]
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WordPress admin custom column sorting and filtering for custom post type

In WordPress Dashboard there are some default columns listed for any of your post types on the post listing page. We can sort our custom posts by Ascending or Descending order by just clicking these fields. However most of the times these fields are not enough. E.g. if we create a custom post for books then we […]
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