Create staging environment using GitLab

Prequisite: Please go through the steps to set up GitLab on the Production/live server before going through this tutorial. Steps to create a staging environment using GitLab branch 1. Create a new branch for your GitLab project as shown below 1 A. Go to your project page in GitLab and click the option to add New branch 1 B. Create a new branch named as dev 2. Create your staging site by copying the files and the necessary databases 3. Follow all the steps mentioned on the article Autodeployment using GitLab Webhooks on your staging sever with only the exception of Step 7 which needs to be modified slightly on the staging server. For the staging server that command would change to [crayon-59ebd6a812273136470989/] Please note we are checking out only the dev branch on the staging server. So only your changes on the dev branch will be seen on this server. 4. Add the staging webhook.php file also to the list of webhooks on GitLab for Push events as shown below This completes setting up your...
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