This shows how to add Google Analytics to your iOS app and not having to use the Firebase Analytics.
1. Login to your Google Analytics Account and create a New Property

  1. On the New Property screen select Mobile app, Google Analytics Services SDK. Type your App Name as shown.

Rest of the settings can be selected based on your requirement. Then click the button Get Tracking ID

  1. Once you get the tracking ID which would be in the format UA-XXXXXXXX-X, click the link for the iOS SDK Getting started guide

  2. As mentioned on the Getting Started guide page, create a pod file using terminal by navigating to your project and typing below command

  1. Open the newly created pod file and add below code just below the line which says # Pods for My iOS App

  1. Run below command

  1. Now open your project as workspace

  2. Click the button GET A CONFIGURATION FILE on the instructions page which will take you to your firebase console

  3. Login and create your Firebase Project if you haven’t created by typing your App name and iOS Bundle ID

10. Now create a file within your project named as GoogleService-info.plist (Do not download the file from Firebase console)

  1. Within Firebase console, open your project and Click on Project settings as shown below. Here you will find all the necessary details to fill the above file related to your project. Tracking code will be on the Google Analytics Account Tracking Info page

  1. Now just go through the rest of the settings as mentioned on the Getting started guide page i.e. creating a bridging header file, adding necessary code in AppDelegate file, etc

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