People are so used to using Microsoft word to type their content that it is not practical to even think of asking them to change and start thinking from a web perspective to produce a clean HTML and standards compliant markup using Adobe Dreamweaver or some other useful editor.
But the basic purpose of a CMS is to decentralize the content uploading process and to be able to achieve this Microsoft Word is the biggest hurdle CMS users all over are facing.

Till date there is no foolproof solution to this problem. Tools like HTML tidy, htmLawed etc do a descent job however it largely depends on how those tools are configured.
HTML tidy can work at the Apache level which is the most cleanest way whereas htmLawed works at the application level.

I liked htmLawed as it is very simple to use and quite flexible to change its configuration for different applications.
Here are some steps to use htmLawed

  1. Download latest source code of htmLawed and unzip to a local directory
  2. Upload the file htmLawed.php
  3. Include the above file on the page where you will be entering the wysiwyg data in the CMS database using an include statement include(“/path/to/file/htmLawed.php”)
  4. Depending upon the type of application, you can use any of the sample configurations. For other configuration, read the documentation.
    a. For a blog application where you want to accept only a few tags in comments like strong, paragraph, links, underline and italics

    b. For the rest of the articles

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