Creating a WordPress custom login page has 2 benefits

  1. Login page can be created based on your own theme
  2. The URL for the login page would be different to the WordPress login URL. This is a good security practice provided you block the Wordpress default login page or redirect it to your custom login page.

This does not mean that you need to create your own methods to store and retreive cookies by creating your own login function. WordPress provides easy to use functions using which you can create own own plugin to create a wordpress custom login page.

So here is the sample login form

WordPress custom login page – form

Here the form action submits to a page which does the authentication part. If you have created your own plugin the page would most likely be in your plugin folder.

Here is the page which does the authentication and sets the cookie

WordPress custom login page – authentication

wp_authenticate authenticates the user. If ok wp_set_auth_cookie sets the cookie for the user


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