Here are some basic tools which will allow you to monitor server load to keep your wordpress site optimised.

Uptime (shell command)

Above command is an example of the uptime command. It says the server is up since 364 days, 2 users are logged in and the rest of the numbers are showing the server average load. The three numbers show the load averages for the last minute, 5 minutes and 15 minutes.

If you have 4 CPUs and the load is 2 then your server is using half the CPU capacity.

If you have 2 CPUs and the load is 2 then your server CPU is running at full capacity.

A load above the number of CPUs means that the system is overloaded which reduces performance.

top (shell command)

top command shows information like tasks, memory, cpu and swap. Here is a sample output of the top command.

Server monitoring

PHP sys_getloadavg function

sys_getloadavg function returns an array.

In above code, $load[0] would be the server load value.

Based on the above code we could even stop Dashboard access temporarily for all your editors if the load increased to a certain limit. Just add below code to your functions.php

If the server load reaches above 0.8 then all your editors and admins would be redirected to your home page expect the users having the capability as high_load_dashboard_access.

So only users having the above capability can access the system to try and monitor what is going on.

This is quite useful in cases you are experiencing heavy load on the server and editors are not able to upload or edit content and keep refreshing the page thereby causing extra load unnecessarily on the server.

Monyt App

Install Monyt App on your mobile. Its quite easy to configure. Depending on your device and server just add the necessary server monitoring file on the server and provide its URL within your app.

The file on the server runs some server monitoring commands and creates a json file which you can password protect. Simply add this file URL to Monyt app.

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