1. Download and Install GIT Tool from below URL: https://msysgit.github.io/
  2. While installing the tool keep all the default settings
  3. Create a folder named as projects for your site/application (maybe in your Documents folder)
  4. Open GIT GUI tool and generate a key from the Help menu
  5. The keys get created in your Users/USERNAME/.ssh folder
  6. Import both (public and private) keys to your server using CPanel
  7. Open GIT command line tool and navigate to the Documents folder (i.e. one folder above projects)
  8. Run the command: git clone ssh://USERNAME@IP_ADDRESS/home/USER/repositories/REPO_NAME


Now just make some changes to your code and commit the change using

git commit

The changes can be pushed to the remote server using below command

git push origin master

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