Mandrill has decided to discontinue their service as a separate product and is becoming a transactional email add-on to paid MailChimp accounts.

This means the free 15000 emails/month service which Mandrill offered will soon be no longer available. All Mandrill users will be required to have a paid monthly MailChimp account.

Here are the timelines

  • Starting March 16, all new Mandrill users will create accounts through MailChimp.
  • Also starting March 16, Mandrill users can merge their existing Mandrill account with a MailChimp account.
  • Current users will have until April 27 to merge the accounts.

So what are the alternatives:

Generally Mandrill is used to send transactional emails like password reminders, notifications, etc taking the load off your own webserver. There are quite a few services which allow to send such transactions emails

  1. Amazon SES (this is the option recommeded by MailChimp)
  2. MailGun (10,000 emails/month free)
  3. SendGrid (12,000 emails/month free)

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