WordPress plugin – Create an explore topics page for your site/blog

Explore topics

Tags can be used quite effectively to show various topics you have covered on your site/blog.

Here is a plugin which lets you create an alphabetical listing of tags with search as you type filter as shown below

This plugin automatically lays all your tags in alphabetical order on a page and adds an ajax filter input box which allows to search as you type for a particular topic/tag.

Alphabetical listing of tags

Download the plugin from WordPress Plugin Repository


  1. Search for topics as you type,
  2. Supports Multisite,
  3. Show your users the vast range of topics covered on your site,
  4. Help in visitor retention and reduce Bounce Rate,
  5. Simple and easy to configure


WordPress Plugin – Allows to selectively dequeue scripts/styles on each post

The plugin allows to dequeue or remove a script/style on a per post basis. It helps to improve performance of the site and you can make sure that atleast your important pages are optimised.

Download the plugin from WordPress Plugins Repository

The plugin is very simple. All you need to do is to edit a post which you wish to optimise and on the WPI Enqueue Manager meta box add the handles of the scripts or styles in bar (|) separated format to dequeue it from that post.

Detailed instructions on how to use this plugin

  1. Install and activate the plugin
  2. Upon activation, the plugin will show all the handles related to each enqueued styles/scripts on the source code of every page. Please see below screenshot
    script and style handles
  3. Just edit the post and add the scripts/styles in relevant boxes in bar (|) separated format to remove it from that post. Please see below screenshot

Enqueue Manager


WordPress plugin – Custom Admin columns for sorting and filtering

This plugin adds the capability to add custom columns to any post type to provide sorting and filtering of posts using those columns.

Download the plugin

Download the plugin from the wordpress plugin repository


To install the plugin follow below steps

  1. Upload the plugin files in wp-content/plugins folder (same as any other wordpress plugin)
  2. Activate the plugin


Open the settings page “Custom Admin Columns for Sorting and Filtering”

As shown in the below screenshot add the extra fields and labels in comma separated format to the required post type

Settings screen for Admin custom columns

Custom columns will then appear on the respective post listing

Custom Weight column
Custom Weight column
Custom weight filter
Custom weight filter


How to create wordpress options page

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